Local Website Archive

A reliable and feature packed software solution that helps you archive websites as well as online documents so as to use them at a later time.

  • Local Website Archive
  • Version :17.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Martin Aignesberger

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Local Website Archive Description

With the Internet being home to vast quantities of information, more or less accurate and useful, there’s a high chance all you need to start or go on with your work lands you on a specific website. To help you out in this regard, Local Website Archive comes as a means of grabbing entire websites for offline navigation.

Easy to set up and use

The application is well-organized and polished from different points of view, starting with the installer itself. You might want to pay attention to each step, not because you’re in danger of accidentally deploying third-party components, but you’re offered the chance to make the application portable, which is a neat advantage.

Accommodation is amongst the least of your worries. Your workspace is split into several panels that provide quick navigation through folder arrangement, content, as well as a built-in web browser to view content of target pages. These can be resized or removed to make the interface suit your style, with a few themes to choose from for more variety.

A powerful, built-in web browser

The process itself can be put in motion in several ways. The easiest is to go ahead and write the URL in a dedicated field, which almost instantly takes you to the specific website. It can be viewed normally or as text, in case visual elements are of no importance.

Hitting the “Add to archive” is the first step, bringing up a new window fitted with a few input fields for name, URL and location to save. There’s the possibility to add notes to better organize elements. What’s missing is an option to specify page depth to grab, so you need to take each page through the process.

Organize saved pages in custom folders

Another method lets you grab websites as you stumble upon them while navigating with your preferred web browser. Several popular ones are supported, with the possibility to add your own entries. The idea behind the concept is to have content grabbed at the press of a few buttons or keystrokes you configure.

Saved pages are enlisted in a table along with details like name, URL, rating, date and source, which is either an internal or external browser. A side panel makes sure you arrange entries as you see fit by creating custom folder structures. There’s even the possibility to export projects and take with you, in case you chose the portable installation.

To sum it up

All in all, Local Website Archive is a simple but practical application that manages to live up to expectations. The clever installer lets you make the application portable for more flexibility. Adding pages is done through several methods which are easy to understand and configure, making the program worth a try if you need content for offline browsing.

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