Loan Manager

You can manage your business ledger, handle loans, payments, interests and the debts of your customers by using this reliable program.

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Loan Manager Description

Loan Manager is a simple to use application dedicated to helping you record and monitor the loans you offer to customers. If you run a financial business that deals with loans, this program can help you create a database of clients and manage their payments.

Customer management made easy

Loan Manager features a clear-cut interface and allows you to access its functions from the tabs at the top of the window. Additional tools, specific to each function can be found in the toolbar at the bottom of the window.

You can easily add new customers or edit the information on the existing clients with a simple mouse click. The dedicated tab displays the loans made by the currently selected customer in a table and their contact data in the panel on the right. To switch to a different customer, you can click the designated button from the toolbar and view the entire list of contacts.

Add and monitor loans

Loan Manager allows you to add and edit information for each client in the database, based on which transactions they perform. For instance, you can record new loans, calculate the debt, extract partial payments or extend the due date. The Loan tab is where you can easily observe all the current transactions and their status.

The application acts as a bookkeeping tool, therefore all changes made in your account must be recorded manually. It does not import bank statements and it does not allow you to make changes in the actual bank account. However, it is a reliable business management application that facilitates data organizing.

Print payment slips and manage administrative aspects

Loan Manager allows you to easily print payment slips for each loan you handle. You can filter the printing sources and thus process only partial payments, checked-out loans, extended dates or the loans recorded on a particular date. Moreover, the program allows you to create several users with various permissions so that other employees may also manage the loans’ statuses.

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