Monitors a target directory on your computer and lets you choose the desired action whenever a new file is detected in the specified folder.

  • LoadStar
  • Version :1.0 Beta
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Martin Ponweiser

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LoadStar Description

If your work involves having to download large amount of files on your computer constantly, you should consider turning to third-party applications that can help you simplify your tasks.

In the situation mentioned above, LoadStar can help you achieve quick, satisfactory results by letting you monitor any folder on your PC and choose the preferred action whenever a modification is detected.

Simple interface

This program comes with a minimalistic, yet effective user interface that packs a handful of intuitive functions, making it easy even for novices to understand and operate them with minimum efforts.

Unfortunately, no form of local help documentation is provided. Therefore, turning to a standard user guide in case you get stuck handling its controls is not a viable solution.

Monitor changes in folders

LoadStar can help you monitor certain locations on your computer, notifies you whenever a new file is detected and also lets you choose your preferred action regarding the new item.

In order to do so, you simply need to specify a valid destination folder by typing it in the designated field or by using the Browse button, navigating to the desired location and selecting the corresponding directory.

More so, you can easily define a list of favorite directories, in case you want to move newly detected items to other locations without significant efforts.

Session history

Whenever a new file is detected in the directory you specified (for instance, when you download a document), you are prompted to choose an action, such as deleting the item, moving it to a bookmarked folder, moving it to previous targets or skipping the action.

You can also access a session history by right-clicking the tray icon and selecting the appropriate action from the list. This section provides you with useful information such as detected file name, the monitored folder it belongs to and the date its status was updated.

Lightweight download monitor that lets you manage your files efficiently

All things considered, LoadStar is a reliable application that lets you monitor specific folders on your computer, detects new file activity and lets you perform an action such as moving or deleting the target item. It comes with a simple, yet effective user interface, packs a handful of intuitive functions but, unfortunately, does not come with any form of local help documentation.

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