Live Motion Animated Screensaver

Display a motion-based animation with this screensaver that allows you to adjust the quality, as well as the movie size and exit triggers.

  • Live Motion Animated Screensaver
  • Version :5.07
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Elefun Multimedia

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Live Motion Animated Screensaver Description

Users employ screensavers for a wide variety of reasons. Some are preoccupied with saving energy, while others simply want their monitor to display something appealing when the computer is left idle. Regardless of the underlying motives, the market is booming with options for all tastes and needs.

Display a dynamic animation during idle time

Live Motion Animated Screensaver seeks to provide users with a middle ground solution to these needs. It displays a dazzling array of abstract and ever-changing figures that are guaranteed to catch the attention of everyone close-by.

As with most screensavers, the utility is very simple to install and run. Indeed, one can launch the program immediately after installation. The usual Windows preferences are available to users (i.e. the number of minutes the computer must remain idle for the tool to run and whether the logon screen is displayed or not).

Alter the quality of the screensaver to suit most needs

However, unlike most other similar utilities, several specific options are available to users. With these, one can adjust the quality (accepted values are low, medium and high) or the size (“Original”, “Fullscreen” and “Fit to screen” are viable options) of the animation.

Also, another peculiar feature is the ability to modify the triggers that break the screensaver and return the user to the desktop. One can choose from either the “Esc” key and mouse clicks or movements. General “Any key” and “Any action” triggers are also available to users. Disabling sound effects and the mouse cursor is also possible.

The tool displays a motion-based animation when the computer is idle

Summing up, Live Motion Animated Screensaver displays a simple and beautiful animation, notable for its customization options.

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