Manage your eBay auctions with this intuitive and flexible program that allows you to add multiple pictures for any given auction.

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Listomax Description

Listomax is an eBay account management suite that is specifically designed to assist users in listing their items. After it has received permission, the tool integrates with the online resource and allows full control over sales, from within the resource.

Comes with an easy to work with interface

Users that regularly sell items on eBay will find it quite handy, as it is particularly useful for large bulk sales. Casual sellers will also benefit from its various account management options.

The GUI is very pleasant to work with, as the main window is largely focused on the items that will be sold. There are several buttons to the top and the side of the main list, which could accurately be described as quick-links to common program functions.

Geared towards bulk sales operations

Essentially, there is nothing different about how transactions are started with this program, compared to eBay. Common parameters, such as price, duration, product category and shipment have to be defined. The real power behind the program is that it allows users to speed through these settings and quickly list multiple items.

This is facilitated by a few quick-links, such as the “Item Clone” feature, which can be used to generate replicas of currently defined items. Another feature that users will find interesting is the batch image browser.

Can transfer operations via exported CSV files

After all the necessary parameters have been defined and items have been listed, users have the option to export inventory, listings and buyers information to CSV documents. This means that multiple listings can be loaded to a master list, which can be used to manage all eBay sales!

To conclude, Listomax is a powerful, although somewhat expensive, tool for anyone that is in the business of regularly selling products on the online tool.

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