View the contents of various files on your computer in several codes by turning to this lightweight application that features intuitive functions.

  • List64
  • Version : 3.17
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :B.O.A. Systems

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List64 Description

If your work involves handling numerous files from your computer, you probably understand that doing so without appropriate software solutions can turn it into a challenging activity.

However, nowadays you can choose your favorite utility from a large selection of tools, such as List64, which can help you attain quick, convenient results without significant efforts.

No setup required

This application does not require you to install it on your computer, as simply extracting the contents of its archive file and launching its executable is enough to access its functions.

More so, no configuration is needed once you run it, making it accessible to a high number of users, regardless of their previous experience with similar programs. Additionally, you can access a handy list that displays available commands and brief explanations for each one of them.

Simplistic interface

List64 packs a design that is similar to a command line interface, which some users might find distasteful, given its plain, minimalistic feel. However, what this application lacks visually-wise makes up with functionality and overall accessibility.

Even though most of its controls can only be operated via keyboard, some of them (copying a block of text to Clipboard or selecting a line) can be accessed by using your mouse.

Supports multiple codes

You can turn to this application if you need to view various documents from your computer in several codes, such as ASCII, UNICODE or UTF7. Doing so can be easily accomplished by simply choosing a suitable file from your computer and selecting an encoding scheme from the dedicated menu.

After you load the document into the program, you can select individual lines, copy them to the clipboard, jump to a particular line, perform text searches or display contents in Datagrid. More so, you can toggle word wrap and choose from 4 different font sizes, according to your needs.

Lightweight file viewer that supports several codes

All in all, List64 is a simple application that can help you view several documents from your computer in various encoding schemes, without significant efforts. Even though its interface might seem unattractive, its functions are straightforward and accessing them should pose no threat, even for less experienced users.

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