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A fast web browser with a clean interface that relies on QtWebEngine and QML-Material to provide you with the best Internet navigation experience.

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Liri Browser Description

Even though the browser area is dominated by a few major players that are used by the majority of computer users, one shouldn’t disregard unpopular navigators, which usually enclose nifty features to meet certain requirements. One example is the Liri Browser, an open-source web browser that brings together a minimal design and fast rendering speed.

Minimal looks and fast webpage rendering

Liri Browser relies on one of the most powerful renderers out there, QtWebEngine, which, in turn, is based on Chromium. Therefore, Liri is compatible with the latest web standards and can load modern web pages in seconds. Actually, speed is one of its utmost features.

Given the above, there is no surprise to see a design that resembles other Chromium-based explorers as soon as you launch Liri Browser. The interface is designed to be modern and match the latest trends. Thus, its looks are clean, with no menus to come in the way and a reduced number of buttons to work with. Furthermore, you are free to change the default theme color to customize the browser’s appearance.

Integrated address bars to keep a minimal design

Just like every other reputable navigator out there, Liri Browser features a tab-based interface. A notable feature is the so-called ‘integrated address bar’. When enabled, this option removes the standard address bar and allows you to type in the URL and view the ‘back’ and ‘forward’ buttons by double clicking on the tab you want to use.

Liri Browser also comes with a navigation history viewer and in-page search capabilities, a bookmark bar to quickly access important URLs, a fullscreen mode, and a built-in download manager. New tabs open the so-called ‘dash’, which encloses certain pages you visit more often. Unfortunately, we were not able to add a webpage to the dash or download files during our tests.

A promising web browser that needs further improvements

Liri Browser is modern-looking and fast, but it has a long way to go before it can be called a reliable web browser. There are certain things that require immediate attention, not taking into consideration the rather long list of features that might be able to transform it into a noteworthy competitor for the giants in this sector. More advanced security features, a robust download manager, functional developer tools, or support for addons are just a few items that need to be ticked.

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