Swiftly edit and apply corrections to your videos shot with actions cameras by relying on this straightforward and fast software solution.

  • liquivid
  • Version: 1.7.2
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All | Mac
  • Publisher:Razvan Chisu

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liquivid Description

When it comes to video editing, you can basically go in two very different directions. You can choose a professional and feature-packed program and spend a bit of time learning what everything does, all while hoping that your computer can handle massive requirements.

Or you can go the other way and search for a streamlined solution that only comes with basic and widespread features. An honest compromise between the two types of video editing apps is what most users are probably searching for.

This said, liquivid is a forthright piece of software designed with a strong focus on basic video correction and editing.

Easy installation and user-friendly interface

You can start using the app in mere seconds, as it undergoes a quick installation process. Learning to use the application is by no means a difficult challenge, as this app is clearly designed towards practicality.

To further strengthen its inclination towards simplicity the program offers you two editing modes: Basic and Advanced.

Comes with two accessible editing modes

As expected, the Basic mode offers the most used features right on display. With no more than a few clicks, you can choose the output format, correct distortions, tweak the level of sharpness and overall noise, enhance the colors, rotate, stabilize, mute or speed-up your videos.

The Advanced mode is still fairly manageable even for inexperienced users, as it offers the same features as the first mode, but with lots more settings and improved room for customization. In addition, it also enables you to split, cut, trim and export individual sections of your video.

Sacrifices looks and some advanced functions for speed and accessibility

Considering that visually, the program is not quite worthy of the term “eye candy”, it becomes quite clear that it actually gives up looks for something far more important: speed.

Its basic editing capabilities, advanced video correction and stabilization features, as well as the fact that it comes with support for a wide array of action cameras, recommend this app for users who often record their outdoor activities and don’t like wasting too much time in front of a screen, afterwards.

Light, sufficiently powerful and fast video editing tool

To conclude, if you want a swift and uncomplicated video editing tool specialized on correcting your videos shot with action cameras, that does not require massive amounts of system resources, then  liquivid is definitely worthy of your attention.

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