Functions as a relational file system, enabling you to easily organize your documents with an efficient and comprehensive software solution.

  • liquidFOLDERS
  • Version :3.0.1 Built 5/19/2017
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :liquidFOLDERS UG

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liquidFOLDERS Description

liquidFOLDERS is a complex and interesting program which aims to provide you with a new method of organizing files and folders on your computer, enabling you to access the documents you need more swiftly, without having to browse endlessly through your system to locate the targeted item.

Installation and display

While the installation process itself does not feature any events worth mentioning, keep in mind that you will be required to restart your PC in order for the changes to take effects.

Afterward, you can begin working with liquidFOLDERS, either from the optionally created desktop shortcut or from the ‘Store’ that it generates, listing it next to your other system drives rather than inside one of them.

Create and manage ‘Stores’

The ‘Store’ can be renamed, so as to make more sense for you; in order to add files, you can simple use the ‘Import Folder’ option from the context menu, as it allows you to load an entire directory of data in just a few clicks.

By default, all ‘Stores’ have several pre-defined folders which automatically sort your documents and other files into ‘Album’, ‘Copyright’, ‘Due’, ‘Priority’, ‘Modified’, ‘Recorded’, ‘Title’, ‘Rating’, ‘Name’, ‘Tags’, ‘Comments’, and others.

When opening a ‘Store’ in the ‘Store Manager’, you have the possibility of deciding how to organize the files and which display mode to use. A side-panel enables you to view the various categories of files, such as ‘Audio’, ‘Pictures’, ‘Videos’, ‘Documents’, ‘Contacts’, ‘Messages’, ‘Events’, ‘New Files’ or ‘Archive’.

Moreover, you can add filters to group your files, by inputting the search term and applying a condition, for instance: ‘Contains’, ‘Does Not Equal’, ‘Ends With’ or ‘Equals’ one of several options: ‘Priority’, ‘Recorded’, ‘Duration’, ‘URL’, ‘Signature’ and many more.

Interesting file manager

To conclude, liquidFOLDERS provides you with a new means of grouping your most important files, allowing you to quickly access the items you need, without wasting too much time trying to find them on your computer.

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