Liquid Rhythm

A powerful application that can help you learn the basics of beat creation just as well as it can help improve your skills with a new approach.

  • Liquid Rhythm
  • Version :1.4.3
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :WaveDNA

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Liquid Rhythm Description

Liquid Rhythm is a beat producing software that fits very well with both novice and advanced users. Its one of those apps that you open and just start having fun with it.

It displays a more than comprehensive interface that makes it a cinch to find your way around all its functions and tools. The layout doesn’t differ much from that of similar applications but it does get bonus points for the graphic design which has a minimalistic approach.

It’s this clean, clear look that is of great help when you’re looking at the overall arrangement of the instruments that make your beat. It offers you a large library with both independent instruments and predefined loops which you can customize and combine until you get the beat you’re looking for.

Adding instruments to the ‘Arranger’ is a ‘three click’ process. Each item you add to the beat canvas comes with a set of options and settings that greatly contribute to speeding up your workflow. You are able to rename any sound, adjust its volume, mute it, toggle it to solo mode and switch it with another.

Liquid Rhythm makes creating beats very easy for novice users. Besides having an easy to access library, for every instrument you add, it presents you a multitude of already built beats and note patterns which you can add to the tracks. In case one of these arrangements is close to perfect but missing something, you can use the applications’ ‘Pencil/Brush’ tool to add notes anywhere you want.

The sounds you add to the beat vary in loudness and power. Liquid Rhythm displays dark to light tones of blue and red to show just that. This way, you’re always able to precisely see which sounds pack the most umph and which are more subtle. Moreover, you can adjust the velocity and groove of the sounds using custom sliders.

Apart from applications with the same purpose, Liquid Rhythm offers you the use of ‘BarFrom’ and ‘BeatForm’ maps. The BarForm offers you a one-bar pattern of music while BeatFrom, an eighth-note long pattern. From these you can create a complex track in a few simple moves.

Liquid Rhythm seems as a great practice software for making beats, but once you start to get acquainted to all its features and functions, you start to see that it’s much more that that.

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