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Extract contact information from LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator and export it to various formats, with this useful application.

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor Description

Companies can obtain important information from LinkedIn, whether you are looking for experts in various fields, service providers or new clients. Unfortunately, however, it is not easy to extract this information and store it in documents or spreadsheets for later use.

This is where LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor comes into play, as it enables you to grab contact information from LinkedIn and export it to CSV, XLSX or TXT files. Moreover, the application offers support for the Sales Navigator service.

Handy tool for finding useful contacts

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor is capable of capturing all available contact data, including names, emails, phone numbers, job titles, companies, websites, messenger IDs and profile links.

It works with both LinkedIn and the optional Sales Navigator service, making it much easier to find information suitable for your goals.

Minimalistic interface that features a built-in browser

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor uses Internet Explorer to display the LinkedIn search page within the application’s interface, so you should make sure the latest version of the browser is installed on your computer.

The main window is split into two panels, and you can hide the integrated web browser whenever it is no longer necessary.

Filter useless entries and export the gathered data

Of course, the search results are almost guaranteed to contain profiles that are not particularly useful and need to be deleted before you save the extracted contacts. You can remove rows that contain certain terms, but it is worth noting that they cannot be recovered once they are deleted.

Finally, the remaining entries can be exported to CSV, XLSX or tab-delimited TXT files and used for various other purposes.

On the whole, LinkedIn Sales Navigator Extractor is a useful software solution for businesses that are looking for a simple way to extract contact information from LinkedIn. It supports the Sales Navigator service, allows you to filter the search results and can export profile data to several file formats.

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