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Extract important information from LinkedIn company profiles and export it to various formats, with this useful piece of software.

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LinkedIn Company Extractor Description

LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for all kinds of businesses, as it stores information about numerous companies from around the world. However, while you can browse the database and search for useful info, there is no easy way to save this data locally.

LinkedIn Company Extractor is a relatively simple application that can find, import and save company details. It puts a basic filter at your disposal and can export data to CSV, XLSX and TXT files.

Uses the LinkedIn Advanced Search feature

The application’s interface is split into two main panels, one of which consists of the built-in web browser. It is used to access the LinkedIn Search page and insert the relevant keywords or apply any necessary filters.

Once you have launched the search in the integrated browser, the program can extract the results and display them in a simple table, ready to be exported.

Because LinkedIn Company Extractor relies on Internet Explorer to display the LinkedIn website within its interface, the browser needs to be installed on your computer.

Offers a useful auto-save feature

LinkedIn Company Extractor saves the search results automatically after a certain number of records have been gathered. This feature can help prevent data loss if your computer shuts down unexpectedly.

Moreover, the program can record all viewed profiles to avoid displaying information that has already been saved.

Filter the search results and export your data

You can configure a custom filter to delete certain rows from the search results if they contain one of the provided terms. However, once the entries have been removed, they cannot be recovered.

Once you have cleared the profiles you are not interested in, the data can be exported to CSV, XLSX or tab-delimited TXT files.

To conclude, LinkedIn Company Extractor is a handy utility that enables you to gather information about various companies from LinkedIn and save it locally. It uses the website’s Advanced Search function and allows you to filter the collected data before it is exported.

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