A reciprocal link exchange application that helps SEO professionals with their projects, using link building to enhance a website’s popularity.

  • LinkAssistant
  • Version : 6.14
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Link-Assistant.Com

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LinkAssistant Description

LinkAssistant SEO Tool can give you a helping hand in enhancing the visibility of your website by providing a full-featured platform for finding link partners.

Link building is a section of search engine optimization that implies procedures aimed at increasing the quality and the number of inbound links that point to a certain webpage. However, reciprocal link exchanging is no longer considered an essential part of the SEO tactics, since popular search engines might consider it as being artificially-induced traffic intended to manipulate the page rank.

Even so, applications such as LinkAssistant SEO Tool can still help a website achieve a higher ranking, provided the website owner carefully chooses its link partners. For instance, you can link towards a website that offers extra information to your visitors or a webpage that is also under your ownership. The idea is to point to relevant pages and not link with the sole purpose of making your website look more popular than it actually is.

The link partner search can be based on various criteria, such as relevant keywords, link submission forms or competitor links. The application only displays webpages with a high Google PageRank and Alexa Rank, so that you can ally with high-quality domains only.

Using the built-in wizard, the application can generate a link directory where you can arrange links in categories. Also, it reveals online link submission forms and is capable of automatically filling them in. You can also use LinkAssistant SEO Tool to check whether your link partners still point to your pages and identify dead links.

The embedded browser enables you to navigate to any webpage, while the report generator can help you get a complete overview on the status of your domain, including popularity and rankings, statistics on link partnerships and the number of backlinks, Google PR and link value statistics and more.

While website owners might get tricked about the possibilities of using reciprocal links to achieve higher rankings, LinkAssistant SEO Tool can prove useful to SEO professionals that know how to process the information to their advantage.

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