Transform notes written as text into musical scales, in an interactive manner, with the help of this innovative and efficient software application.

  • LilyPond
  • Version : 2.18.2-1 / 2.19.64-1 Development
  • License :Trial
  • Publisher :Han-Wen Nienhuys

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LilyPond Description

LilyPond is a complex and reliable software utility developed to offer musicians a method of generating visually-appealing music scores, similar to the hand-engraved ones, also being able to print and share them with the orchestra.

Music sheet creation with minimal effort

The tool comes with an editing instrument, namely LilyPad, which enables users to create, customize and work with LY format files, programmatically inputting the layouts they wish to render as printable files.

The simple and straightforward look of this component is coupled with the Windows context-menu integration of LilyPond, allowing users to swiftly open a source file for further editing or to convert it to PDF.

Generating music scores similar to the hand-engraved files is no longer a chore

Using the LilyPad component, users can manually input the contents of their music score in readable and editable ASCII text, being able to adjust its layout and preview the results in real time, making sure it fully matches users’ requirements.

As it includes version control capabilities, LilyPond enables users to look at the entire development process of a music sheet and determine when certain changes were introduced. This way, unwanted modifications can be reverted with ease.

Since different layouts, settings and styles are available, users can easily switch between them and obtain a variant that pleases them esthetically. Mimicking hand-engraved sheets even in printed form makes it easier for musicians to focus on playing rather than reading the file in front of them. It can handle classical and modern music, complex notation, tablatures and Schenker graphs all the time.

A tool for mimicking hand-engraved music sheets

All in all, LilyPond is an efficient and advanced application that can assist musicians interested in the visual appearance of their music scores, by allowing them to create attractive files, like the ones written by hand, yet do it all from in front of a computer.

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