Likno Web Builders Collection

A powerful suite of web design tools allowing you to spice up projects or create cool elements with little to no HTML or CSS knowledge.

  • Likno Web Builders Collection
  • Version :1.1 Build 164
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Likno Software

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Likno Web Builders Collection Description

Constructing a web page gets easier every day thanks to the variety of applications which aim to minimize code writing. Some offer a complete set of tools to develop pages from start to end, while others specialize in particular elements. As such, Likno Web Builders Collection bundles together various tools to build all elements of your web page.

A main menu to quickly access your web design tools

One first thing you need to know is that the application itself offers little functionality to your actual project, since it’s merely a main menu for a variety of tools from Likno. The package only deploys the menu so you can then choose which tools to install, in case you don’t need all of them.

In the end, using the tools found here is an intuitive way of creating jQuery modal forms for your websites. You can find a bit of info about each tool below or read in-depth reviews by accessing the corresponding links.

Specialized tools for all page elements

AllWebMenus Pro is the development tool you need in order to create DHTML menus for your website.

Likno Web Modal Windows Builder is dedicated to creating and compiling jQuery Modal Windows projects for websites with little to no coding knowledge.

It’s always good to make things clear and this can be done through intuitive tooltips you can create with Likno Web Tooltips Builder.

Arrange your layout with neat tabs you design in Likno Web Tabs Builder, offering a rich interface to create jQuery HTML tab controls via HTML or CSS.

Add more style to your page and menus with accordion style sliders which can easily be designed in Likno Web Accordion Builder.

You might need to scroll your way through the entire content of the page, case in which Likno Web Scroller Builder comes in handy for building scrollbars and sliders.

Likno Web Button Maker is what you need to spice up the way you travel from a page to the other or trigger particular actions on your page.

Last but not least, you can organize your entire content or rich elements with neat drop-down menus as a result of using Likno Drop Down Menus Trees.

A few last words

Taking everything into consideration, we can state that Likno Web Builders Collection might not influence your project directly in a certain way, but it delivers the tools you need to effortlessly start from scratch or spice up your web page with various elements which require little coding knowledge in the design process.

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