LikeQuick Switch Window

Assign various application windows to keyboard shortcuts and switch between them easily, with this lightweight and straightforward utility.

  • LikeQuick Switch Window
  • Version :1.01
  • License :Shareware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :LikeQuick

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LikeQuick Switch Window Description

When working with numerous applications at the same time, it can become rather difficult to switch between them using the classic ALT+TAB key combination.

LikeQuick Switch Window is a nifty utility that makes it easier to cycle between them, as it allows you to assign a specific keyboard shortcut to each one. The program is lightweight and fully portable, but not particularly user-friendly.

Useful tool that can help you work more efficiently

LikeQuick Switch Window enables you to configure up to ten keyboard shortcuts, which should be more than enough to manage your applications. They can be enabled or disabled at any time, and both single keys and combinations are supported.

However, the utility does not display which windows are assigned to each hotkey, so it may prove difficult to keep track of all of them.

Also, the user interface is rather outdated, which means it is not likely to impress users who are accustomed to modern-looking applications.

Simple, but not particularly easy to use

Unfortunately, LikeQuick Switch Window is not as intuitive as we had hoped. In fact, first-time users may not understand how to configure a hotkey without consulting the online instructions.

While you should get the hang of things pretty quickly once you set up a few shortcuts, the process is still slightly confusing at times.

Portable application that can be sent to the system tray

LikeQuick Switch Window creates an INI configuration file in the program’s folder after you set up your shortcuts, and the directory can be placed on a portable storage device if you want to use the same settings on another machine.

The application is fairly unobtrusive, as it is minimized to the system tray and allows you to take advantage of the configured shortcuts while staying out of the way.

Overall, LikeQuick Switch Window is a useful tool designed to help you switch between multiple application windows more easily. It could be improved in a few respects, however, and its interface is noticeably out-of-date.

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