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Annotate your photos using color codes, distance measurements or custom text, with this lightweight and portable software utility.

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  • License :Shareware
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LikeQuick Mark Photo Description

LikeQuick Mark Photo is a relatively simple application that functions as more than just a basic annotator, as it can also extract color codes from your pictures, perform measurements and generate leader lines.

It may prove to be a very useful utility, but its interface is somewhat disappointing, as it can only be run in fullscreen mode, and your current project is lost if you minimize the application.

Import your photos and annotate them in seconds

Whenever you want to edit an image file, you can either load it from the clipboard or navigate to its location on your hard drive.

The application is then launched in full-screen mode, and you can add color code annotations with only two mouse clicks. Leader lines are created automatically, and you can also position the text boxes manually.

Additionally, it is possible to add labels that use custom text, as well as insert measurements.

Personalize your annotations and export the edited images

You can change the color of the leader lines and labels, and the text box backgrounds can also be made transparent.

Moreover, the color codes can be displayed in the standard RGB or the web color format, and you can also copy these values to the clipboard.

The modified photos can be exported to PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIFF or TIFF files.

Useful tool that is somewhat difficult to work with

While LikeQuick Mark Photo has many potential uses, it needs to be improved in a few respects.

For starters, the application can only be run in full-screen mode, and it does not offer a zoom function.

Also, you cannot minimize the program without losing your current project, which means it is not possible to perform any other tasks while annotating an image.

All in all, LikeQuick Mark Photo is a promising application that can be very helpful in a number of situations, as it allows you to annotate images using color codes, custom text or measurements. However, some issues still need to be worked out, as the program is rather difficult to use in its current state.

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