Edit your favorite photographs with this capable application that offers a decent bundle of image processing tools and numerous adjustable styles.

  • LightZone
  • Version :4.1.7 (b44076e)
  • License :BSD License
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Light Crafts Inc

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LightZone Description

Photography enthusiasts and users who are just stepping into more advanced image editing could require an intermediate package. This way voiding complicated and cluttered features such as those found in more complex image processing software. LightZone will provide a solution, through its accessible image editing features and numerous tools for converting files or handling metadata.

User-friendly image editing interface that promises to keep people captivated

With its stylish and well designed layout, the application provides easy access to numerous image browsing and editing tools. Featuring a low-key interface and well-positioned panels with useful information, it will enable photography aficionados to quickly browse to their image directory, select some files and apply several predefined styles.

Nevertheless, an issue that emerges quite rapidly is the fact that during an editing session, the application will not maintain the current directory in the folder tree structure. Therefore, each time they require to add other images, users need to navigate to the preferred folder once more.

Apply color adjustments to your images selectively with this feature-packed image editor that saves adjustments without confirmation

Users will be able to access numerous image adjustment tools, for altering the color balance, saturation, sharpening, blur, etc., as well as predefined filters: black and white, infrared, high key, soft, etc. A colorĀ  histogram display is provided, for those who prefer to view the color distribution and the utility allows them to view numerical values as well.

The RAW format is supported, but unfortunately the editing capabilities for it are very restrictive and might not appeal to more experienced users. Additionally, during an editing session, if one chooses to access the folder tree structure, the application automatically saves the image with the applied adjustments, without any user confirmation. This could be quite annoying and surely cuts down on the handling factor considerably.

Decent image editing tool that will appeal to novice and intermediate users through its accessible features

This application could be a good choice for those who are just getting into image processing techniques and prefer a more basic approach. It will allow them to access numerous editing tools, predefined effects and adjustable image characteristics. Experienced users on the other hand, might not appreciate its restrictive RAW format processing or the fact that it saves the image adjustments to file without confirmation.

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