Lightstreamer Server Moderato

Transfer your data by means of a local server with this detailed application that allows you to monitor incoming and outgoing traffic.

  • Lightstreamer Server Moderato
  • Version :6.1.0 Build 1817
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Weswit Srl.

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Lightstreamer Server Moderato Description

With the increased usage of the Internet, ready-to-deploy servers have become highly sought after items. The most prized APIs are those that offer users a high degree of customization without sacrificing any power. Lightstreamer Server Moderato is one such tool, as it allows developers to deploy a customized server with very few operations.

Can be applied to a variety of online projects, including chatrooms

The JDK-dependent API can be employed for a wide variety of resources, from simple HTML calendar clients, to complex stocks listing .NET clients. Other supported frameworks include Flex, Flash, BlackBerry, Android, iOS, Java or Python clients. All-in-all, the server can be deployed to cover a wide range of domains, from finances to entertainment and even online chatting.

While the end result in itself depends on the customization work brought about by each user, several traits stand out as key aspects of this package. One important feature is that the tool allows real-time messaging. This makes it a useful resource for project management servers, chatrooms or even online training courses.

Customize with additional libraries

Also, as can be deduced from the previous paragraphs, the application is highly flexible and can receive numerous user plugins with their own customized logic. It can also integrate libraries in various languages, including those dependent on Java or the .NET Framework, and features support for most common mobile devices.

Another notable feature is the “Monitoring Dashboard”, a built-in module providing website administrators with real-time metrics and statistics on packets sent and received. This data is presented in a numerical form, but also in the shape of numerous intuitive and informative graphs.

During testing, the utility revealed itself as a powerful server with plenty of space for customization and many potential uses

To conclude, Lightstreamer Server Moderato is a viable tool for anyone in need of a ready-to-deploy webserver. The program comes with a built-in dashboard that monitors all activity, while everything else can be customized by developers.

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