Licht 24 Pro

Control multiple IO cards effortlessly directly from your personal computer with the help of this straightforward piece of software.

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Licht 24 Pro Description

Licht 24 Pro is an easy-to-use piece of software that provides users with the possibility to easily control relay boards and IO cards directly from their computers.

The application has been designed with support for a broad range of relay boards and arbitrary equipment, which makes it suitable for discos, stages, and even home automation. It makes it easy for users to control multiple appliances at the same time from a single interface.

The program includes switches for ON/OFF-operations (Status-LEDs), emergency-stop-functions, and the possibility to set up automatic timers to switch on or off various appliances at particular times of day.

Licht 24 Pro also allows users to control the next clock impulse via music, with each beat being transformed into a clock impulse. Users only need to plug a music signal to the LINE-IN port in their sound card.

Users can take advantage of this application’s capabilities via command line parameters and can also send these parameters as messages (WMCopyData) to Licht 24 Pro. There is also a counter function that allows users to count every high switch for every channel.

Additionally, the software comes with and Impulse-mode that makes it easy for users to control notching relays by issuing only short impulses on the respective outputs. However, users can control the pulse length for each channel.

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • Limited to 2 working outputs

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