Enhance your applications with this library that allows one to read and process RAW graphics images, as well as stitch panoramic pictures.

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LibRaw Description

The rise in use of powerful digital cameras has meant more and more editors or converters have sprung up to tackle the issue of adequately processing RAW files.

For developers who intend to perpetuate this trend, LibRaw offers a ready-made C/C++ library for handling or converting RAW images.

The component can also be employed for panorama stitchers, as well as graphics data processors of any kind, including metadata readers or editors.

Other potential uses and/or supported functions include de-Bayer interpolation algorithms, noise reduction and white balance effects, as well as correction of aberrations and distortions.

Developers can also integrate the library into applications handling color conversions, as well as camera lens comparison utilities.

The tool is compatible with over 800 camera models, including popular Sony items, as well as Panasonic, Canon, and Sigma devices; the actual document types supported by the component include NEFs, CR2s, RAFs, DNGs, as well as DCRs and KDCs.

The component also supports multithreaded operations, thus allowing one to quickly batch process entire folders of source files.

Several C++ samples are included, a setup that allows software engineers to properly assess the power of the component.

A brief but concise online manual can assist developers with any issues arising from implementation difficulties.

The wide range of possible uses, as well as the significant number of supported camera models ensures the library can cater to a wide variety of needs and applications.

What’s more, regular updates ensure recent developments on the cameras market are reflected in the devices supported by the API.

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