LG PC Suite

A powerful software solution especially designed to help LG phone and tablet owners to manage and transfer data to and from their devices.

  • LG PC Suite
  • Version : Build 18212
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :LG Electronics

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LG PC Suite Description

Many users who have a smartphone or a tablet have found themselves in a situation in which they wanted to copy some files from their computer onto the mobile device, or the other way round. In most cases, such transfers require a dedicated piece of kit that can facilitate the connection between the two parties and allow users to manage the content as they see fit.

Depending on the manufacturer of the handheld device, there are several applications that are devised just for such purposes and LG PC Suite is one of them.

Clean and friendly GUI with easy to use controls

As soon as the setup of the program is complete, you will be able to start learning how to get along with this software. Fortunately, the interface has a pleasant look and the commands are clear and accessible, so even less experienced users will get along just fine with this tool.

There are several modules inside LG PC Suite, some dedicated to a type of multimedia content and others made for taking care of apps and sharing tasks.

Extensive multimedia management and data handling abilities

This application is very well equipped for a variety of video, audio and photo organizing and transferring tasks. Nonetheless, the first step is to connect your mobile device and there are two methods supported by LG PC Suite, namely through an USB cable or via a wireless connection.

Insofar as the management of the supported files is concerned, this utility can help you create playlists, mark songs, movies or pictures as favorites, put together albums and more. The ‘Smart Share’ feature makes it possible to allow content from the suite to be shared with other users and devices connected to the same network.

The most appropriate software for transferring files among LG devices and PCs

All things considered, LG PC Suite is definitely the tool to have for all those who have an LG mobile device they want to backup or keep in sync with the data stored onto a computer. It has everything one would need to copy and manage multimedia content as well as applications onto the smartphone or tablet.

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