LEGO Digital Designer

An intuitive application that allows users to create LEGO models in a 3D working environment, while offering the possibility to choose between various LEGO pieces, arrange them in the preferred order and color them.

  • LEGO Digital Designer
  • Version :4.3.10
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :The LEGO Group

LEGO Digital Designer for Windows Download

LEGO Digital Designer for Mac Download

LEGO Digital Designer Description

LEGO Digital Designer is a lightweight application that provides a 3D environment for helping users design LEGO models. This tool comes in handy for all LEGO fans who want to build different models, such as cars, robots, airplanes, houses, or any other creations.

It boasts a clean and intuitive interface that offers quick access to a multitude of LEGO pieces. The objects are placed in separate categories so you can quickly locate them, and you can also filter the bricks by color. Plus, you can create groups with the bricks that you often need to select, such as car wheels or aircraft wings.

The selected objects can be inserted into the working environment with the use of the mouse. What’s more, you can clone the bricks and arrange them in the preferred order.

LEGO Digital Designer gives users the possibility to zoom in or out, roll back any unnecessary adjustments, thanks to its “Undo” button, rotate the 3D projection to different angles, as well as view the projections in a separate pane where you can change the background picture.

Other important features worth mentioning enable you to move multiple bricks at the same time, color or shape the selected bricks, clone objects, rotate items that are connected with a hinge, bend and twist flexible elements, as well as change the color or material for the selected bricks.

Additionally, you may enable or disable sound notifications, apply shadow effects on the bricks, and display the brick number in a dedicated dialog. For a better focus on your work, you can switch to a full screen mode and use hotkeys.

The generated project can be printed, uploaded to the official website of the application, and you can also take screenshots and save them to PNG file format.

All in all, LEGO Digital Designer comes packed with an intuitive layout and useful features for helping you create LEGO models.

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