Leapic Media Cutter

A comprehensive and user-friendly software solution designed to assist you in performing various media editing operations, such as cut or crop.

  • Leapic Media Cutter
  • Version :8.0
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Leapic Software

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Leapic Media Cutter Description

If your work implies handling various media files or they simply represent a passion, it is important to own different tools to make tweaks for the end result to be flawless. Leapic Media Cutter is a powerful application that gives you the possibility to trim a staggering amount of songs and videos for you to use in various projects.

Fast and easy to use

The user interface is cleverly designed to make every available option quickly accessible. Most of the workspace is occupied by a preview section for you to precisely cut out video files from the frame you need.

A progress slider lets you navigate through the media file in order to specify start and end points. Another way in which you can trim is by manually setting the time by filling in two fields.

When you are happy with the selection, hitting the “Cut” button brings up a window in which output format and directory are specified. The next step is the process itself, which only last a matter of moments.

More than just a cutting utility

Even if you don’t make any adjustments to the file integrity, you can still go to the next step that reveal the true engine from under the hood. For a fast process you can keep the original format.

In case you only want to convert a file, you gain access to a breathtaking library of formats arranged into categories. You can choose only audio output, video, or the “Device” category, which features preset options so the end result is compatible with some of the most commonly used platforms.

In conclusion

All in all, Leapic Media Cutter is a powerful media tool with a modest name. The user interface is easy to use and cleverly hides a treasure that can convert files to a large variety of formats so that you can enjoy your favorite movie or song wherever you are.

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