Launch On Top

Launch specific applications and open certain files in the “always on top” mode, with this lightweight and compact command line utility.

  • Launch On Top
  • Version :1.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Savard Software

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Launch On Top Description

Users who work with multiple applications and require some of them to be permanently visible, might need a solution for keeping them easily accessible. Launch On Top is a compact and lightweight application that will help people run specific applications and open preferred files in the “always on top” mode. It will offer them command line handling and customizable folder / file paths.

Command line-based interface that comes packed with a minimalist help menu

Coming as a stand-alone application that features no installation process whatsoever, Launch On Top is quite compact and very lightweight on resources. Users will be able to access it only through the command line editor, as running the executable itself will only open a basic help menu.

The on-screen help information provided in the minimalist documentation will aid users in configuring the applications or files they prefer to maintain “always on top”. One simply needs to write the name of the Launch On Top executable, followed by the name of the executable they prefer to run or the path to the file that needs to be opened.

Basic tools for running applications or opening files in the “always on top” mode, with potential handling issues

After entering the name of the applications or files required to be run / opened in the “always on top” mode, users can run the command line and the application will perform the required tasks. Once the preferred applications / files have been opened, the utility itself will close, therefore saving on resources.

Nevertheless, as useful as its core feature might be, its handling through the command line editor could not be the most intuitive and novice users might not appreciate it. Running the application through the command line and writing the path to the required files can be time consuming and a better way to implement such as solution would have been integration through the Windows Explorer’s contextual menu.

Average application that will help users run and maintain their favorite applications in the “always on top” mode

This application could provide a lightweight and non-obtrusive solution for those who seek a way of running their applications in the “always on top” mode. It will allow them to use the command line editor and write the name of the preferred executable or the path to the file required for opening. However, handling it through the command line interface could not be for everyone and novice users might not appreciate it.

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