Large Files And Folders Finder+

Search for very large files on your computer and monitor drives to ensure they have plenty of disk space left, with this handy application.

  • Large Files And Folders Finder+
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  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :FtSoft Company

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Large Files And Folders Finder+ Description

Large Files And Folders Finder+ is a handy tool that you can use to look for large files and folders on local or removable storage devices in order to determine the content that is taking too much disk space.

Search for large files in a user-friendly interface

Thanks to a user-friendly interface, the application is very easy to use. Its GUI consists of a single window that includes all the options and functions, with no additional menus to explore.

All the connected local or removable storage devices are detected and displayed within its main window, enabling you to select the drive you want the application to analyze. You can instruct it to filter the search by adjusting the minimum size of the files and manually selecting the directories you want it to look into. The folders that remain unselected are automatically ignored.

View large files and folders on your computer

Large Files And Folders Finder+ can find files and / or folders that are larger than the user-defined size. Once the scan process is complete, it displays all the matching entries (files, folders or both) within its main window, in a structured table, alongside their exact location and their size. Double-clicking on a row in the table or pressing the ‘Enter’ key opens the containing folder in Windows Explorer.

Aside from local hard drives, the application can also scan removable storage devices, such as USB drives, phones and so on, in the attempt to find files that take up most space. The search results can be viewed within the application’s main window or exported to Excel for further processing.

Detect items that occupy storage space

Large Files And Folders Finder+ can save you the time needed to manually search for large files and folders. With its help, you can use size as a filtering criteria and quickly identify items that take up most disk space. Furthermore, it displays a list of the folders that could not be accessed, so that you can analyze them and see what exactly clutters your hard drive.

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