Draw complex network diagrams by adding devices, uniquely represented connection types, graphic elements and memos, using this intuitive utility.

  • LanFlow
  • Version: 6.48 Build 2118
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Pacestar Software

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LanFlow Description

Large computer networks need proper planning beforehand because even a small glitch can mess things up. In many cases a network diagramming tool is used for visualization of the stations and how they connect to each other.

This is exactly the purpose LanFlow has been developed for. It can help with the planning not just of the position of the devices but also of the connectors used and the actual communication paths.

Begin with a template

After a quick installation process that did not present any unpleasant events during our testing the program can be launched.

It sports an intuitive interface and, in order to avoid letting you start from scratch, it provides a few templates that can be customized for your purposes.

Start building the network

Basically, it puts at your disposal the necessary tools to build up the virtual network and arrange the components into the best order.

There are plenty of figures available, representing various devices, from desktop computers, laptops and other types of terminals to different kinds of servers, wireless appliances and firewalls.

In the networking section the product makes available figures for routers, switches, hubs, gateways, repeaters and other sorts of connection devices.

A list with connectors is also available, making it easy to see the type of connection between the devices and to organize them. Cables are also present and there is a different figure for each type.


LanFlow is a good way to plan a larger network that includes a wide variety of devices connected to each other through different types of cables or via wireless appliances.

It provides all the tools for building a virtual network that can be analyzed and modified according to the needs of every user. Once the plan is complete you can start building the real network without any worries.

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