Lan-Secure Inventory Center Enterprise

A user-friendly application that allows you to scan and retrieve helpful information about the computers from your local network.

  • Lan-Secure Inventory Center Enterprise
  • Version:2.7
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Lan-Secure

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Lan-Secure Inventory Center Enterprise Description

Handling Windows servers and workstations in IT environments is a responsibility that leaves no room for approximation, and that is reason enough to resort to a software solution when trying to be in control of all your assets running Windows Management Instrumentation service.

Lan-Secure Inventory Center Enterprise is a program that can prove of great help in this particular scenario since it can provide you with real-time statistics without relying on remote agents of other special network configuration.

Handy network administration software

First off, it is worth noting that the application sports a clutter-free GUI organized into several sections, namely “Home,” “Scan,” “Report,” and “Tools.”

The first on the list acts as a dashboard offering general info about the scanning operations you have carried out as well as the status of each and every one of them.

As for the “Scan” window, it is where you need to go in order to make an inventory of your computers, with the possibility of selecting the method you want to adopt. You may scan a specific computer if you provide its name or IP address, multiple PCs from a list, devices from an IP address range, or machines from a domain or workgroup.

Regardless of your approach, all your PCs are listing along with their IP address and the date of the most recent scan. The data you are provided with includes computer and system details, programs, devices, processes, services, updates, and much more.

Can generate and export comprehensive reports

What’s more, command execution, syslog notifications, email forwarding can be handled with the help of this tool, with the generated reports and alerts offering valuable information to any network administrator.

The reports are bundled into a section of their own, with the option to browse through them using a name or device filter for ease of navigation.

It should also be noted that the program can automatically load at startup, and if you find this convenient, enabling automatic discovery and scanning of computers can be done as well, as is the case of setting automatic action.

Reliable program for monitoring servers and workstations

Last but not least, exporting your reports to a text file or a database should ensure you can use the findings in an independent project.

All in all, Lan-Secure Inventory Center Enterprise is a comprehensive solution for Windows asset management that makes data collection a smooth task, what with its interface making all data reachable in no time.

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