Lan-Secure Device Protector Workgroup

A powerful software solution that provides endpoint device access control, as well as data loss prevention security measures for organizations.

  • Lan-Secure Device Protector Workgroup
  • Version :2.4
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Lan-Secure

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Lan-Secure Device Protector Workgroup Description

Lan-Secure Device Protector Workgroup is a reliable solution that can monitor several peripheral devices connected to one of the computers in your workgroup. The application is designed to help you with Data Loss Prevention, as well as to provide endpoint security control and enforce protection policies for removable devices.

Reliable workgroup computers protection

Lan-Secure Device Protector Workgroup is a suitable solution for supervising or performing regular audit procedures on the devices in a workgroup. It can come in handy for protecting the computers in an organization and other IT environments, from untrusted endpoint devices.

Thus, the program can help you and your team members avoid using unauthorized devices that can cause data leakage or theft. You can add several stations to the list of protected stations, for instance, all the PCs from a selected IP range or the indicated domain/workgroup. You can also load the computer names from a list or add the stations individually, based on their IP.

Devices under supervision

Lan-Secure Device Protector Workgroup can monitor several devices, including bluetooth, DVD/CD drives, Firewire, floppy, imaging or infrared devices. Other tools that can be checked by the program include microphones, modems, portable phones and WPD, ports, printers, removable disks, secure digital cards.

You can also keep a close watch on sound devices, tape drives or wireless/broadband network adapters. The program allows you to set a weekly monitoring plan, indicating the hours in each weekday in which access to the indicated device is blocked in both online and offline environments. Moreover, you can name certain users that are excluded from access to the device.

Real-time protection ensured

Lan-Secure Device Protector Workgroup is designed to work as a server for all the protected computers and can easily be deployed in custom made packages for remote PC installation. The program can perform in-depth scans of all the stations added to the list and generates real-time reports based on the activity logs.

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