Lan-Secure Device Protector Enterprise

A useful application that brings endpoint device access control, data loss prevention and other security measures for organizations.

  • Lan-Secure Device Protector Enterprise
  • Version :2.4
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Lan-Secure

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Lan-Secure Device Protector Enterprise Description

Having adequate protection for home computers is of vital importance in today’s highly connected world and this is all the more valid for organizations numbering tens or even hundreds of computers. Lan-Secure Device Protector Enterprise provides such entities with a viable devices lock-down solution.

Apply access protection to all the network computers

Essentially, it allows network administrators to block access to a variety of media with which a computer can communicate with the outside world. This ensures external threats are not able to penetrate the inner structure of organizations or private groups.

Benefiting from a client-server architecture, the program can effectively lock down the following services: DVD/CD-ROMs, floppy drives, microphones, modems, portable mobile phones, Bluetooth or Infrared devices and even wireless 802.11 and broadband communication protocols. This allows one to have nearly complete control over the computer’s interaction with the outside world!

Create protection schedules

What’s more, the application can control both offline and online computers, as it installs a remote service on the target systems. With the application’s intuitive setup, users can select when computers are protected. This allows one, for example, to set up complete protection to access during the morning, while after a given hour, security can be relaxed to allow normal operations.

The application automatically creates reports of protected, failed and system events, and users are free to view these documents for selected computers or for the entire network. If needed, these files can be exported to CSVs and TXTs and a “Print Results” option is also available.

The program blocks access to removable storage media and Bluetooth or Infrared devices

To conclude, Lan-Secure Device Protector Enterprise is a powerful tool for network administrators and other users who want to block access to potentially dangerous devices.

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