KRyLack ZIP Password Recovery

A simple to use application that can help you recover lost or forgotten passwords for ZIP archive files, regardless of its length.

  • KRyLack ZIP Password Recovery
  • Version :3.70.69
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :KRyLack Software

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KRyLack ZIP Password Recovery Description

KRyLack ZIP Password Recovery is an intuitive application that enables you to retrieve lost passwords for encrypted ZIP files. The software is capable of recovering passwords regardless of their complexity or length, from AES encrypted files.

Fast and reliable decryption

KRyLack ZIP Password Recovery can apply several filters in the process of retrieving a password. You may ease the process by mentioning the type of characters contained in the password, if you know them. Simply tick the appropriate box if your password contains Latin letters, low caps or upper caps, spaces, digits and other symbols.

Alternatively, you may type other custom characters, if such symbols are present in the password. The more boxes you select, most likely the longer it takes to recover the password. In case the process takes too much time, you can minimize the software to the system tray and let it run in the background.

Methods and masks

The software can apply one of the three supported decryption methods. The brute-force mode implies that it processes the encrypted file based on the preferences you have set already. In the mask mode, you can specify a minimal length for the password or the first characters, as well as the mask characters attributed to the password.

Additionally, you may select the dictionary method, which implies that the password consists of words or characters found within a word list. Simply load the specific file and let the software scan and match the words in order to find the password.

Customizable interface

Aside from the user-defined recovery settings, the software’s interface may also be customized. It contains multiple skins that you can switch according to your own preferences.


KRyLack ZIP Password Recovery can easily handle AES encrypted ZIP archives and retrieve the password that restricts your access to them. It can recover many types of passwords, regardless of their length or complexity, even if you have forgotten it completely. Otherwise, you may apply filters, such as mention which types of characters are contained in the password.

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