An highly intuitive and user-friendly HTML5 authoring software solution that enables beginners and experts alike come up with attractive designs.

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KoolShow Description

Web design is the engine behind the popularity of the Internet. Web sites integrate more and more of file formats and the business has developed to meet these demands. KoolShow is a software application that enables users to integrate animations into HTML5.

A well-organized software application for movie integration

The installation process is straightforward and uneventful. The application uses minimal resources, and it can run on most modern operating systems. This makes it a viable solution for users with different degrees of experience and hardware.

The interface is well organized into several menus, and there are a couple of floating windows which can be set up to meet the users’ needs. The application supports multiple file formats, allowing complex animations to be put together.

Customize the animations you design for HMTL

The software offers an extensive set of features that enable users to generate movies. Users can import shapes or images and then reposition, reshape or recolor various objects. There is also a varied set of effects that can be applied, such as drop shadow, fade and size transitions and so on. However, multiple effects cannot be implemented in the same frame.

Users can make several modifications to the frames with support for both beginners and experts. Frames can be resized by dragging various points around the frame or entering X, Y coordinates. The application provides useful tips once in a while to smooth the workflow.

A complex application with multiple functions

To summarize, KoolShow is a software program that offers an excellent set of features designed to help users integrate animations and movies to HTML. The functionality provided by the application can be put to good use in various fields, and the price is not steep for this software segment. The application comes with a proper amount of tips and a decent help file, allowing all types of users to grasp its finer points. All in all, this software is worth trying out.

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