Quickly create notes about tasks you need to complete, write down phone numbers or simply put your ideas and thoughts on digital paper with this app.

  • Knowte
  • Version :1.1.1 Build 494
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Raphael Godart

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Knowte Description

Regardless of whether you are planning your day or you are on the phone with an important client, sometimes you just have to write down a few notes. While pen and paper are usually considered the fastest method to write down a reminder, when you are in front of the computer, it’s just easier to open an application and note anything you want, especially when it comes to organizing them later on.

Knowte is a lightweight application that enables you to create notes seamlessly, memos that you can unify or neatly organize together in dedicated notebooks.

Comes with a fresh, elegant and customizable GUI

The program comes with an appealing and modern interface that is based on the Microsoft Metro UI framework. You should know that you can select a theme that follows the Windows colors, an option that can be useful if you set a unique hue that you created yourself.

The main window is clean, airy and organized as a dashboard, a feature that enables quick access to the data. In the upper section, the app includes a summary of the memos you added in total or on a daily and weekly basis.

Allows you to organize your notes for easy access

The application enables you to organize your entries in notebooks, a feature that permits you to find a certain piece of information faster. In the eventuality that you are having a hard time finding data among the dozens of notes you have in a notebook, then you should keep in mind that the app includes a search function.

On the downside, while the app allows you to write down anything that goes through your head, it does not include an alarm feature or a system that can alert you about an incoming event, task or appointment for instance.

A simple app for creating and managing notes

All in all, if you are on the lookout for a streamlined and sleek looking application that provides you with a versatile environment for taking and organizing notes, then perhaps Knowte might come in handy.

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