Create, run and test out distributed application for your computer in an intuitive user interface using this simple software solution.

  • Kitematic
  • Version:0.17.1
  • License :Apache License 2.0
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Docker Inc

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Kitematic Description

Docker Toolbox is a flexible and handy application that provides you with a clean environment to efficiently run your applications on multiple platforms and test them for errors. Since it enables you to operate on different platforms, it means that it comes with numerous tools that can help you identify conflicts and bugs.

Kitematic is one of the utensils included in the Docker Toolbox that enables you to take advantage of all the capabilities the platform has to offer without too much hassle.

Enables you to create numerous types of containers

First off, you should know that you cannot run the program unless you have the Docker Toolbox installed on your computer. Upon initial launch, the application creates a Linux-based virtual machine, a process that can take a few minutes, depending on the resources of your computer.

You can immediately connect to the Docker Hub as soon as the VM setup is completed and browse through the various types of containers. Alternative, you can look for a distinct kind of project using the search function and filters available. Irrespective of the container you select, it is installed automatically and you can start working on your project right away.

Helps you test apps faster, as it supports command line

It is important to note that the utility comes with a Docker Command Line Interface that allows you to create or interact with containers directly. However, if you prefer this work style, then it is recommended that you take the time to browse through the Help section and learn the necessary commands.

Using commands to create or delete containers and to add variables is a feature that can surely speed things up. Besides, in case you get stuck or stumble across an issue, you can always switch between the standard and the console UIs.

An intuitive platform for running and testing apps

In the eventuality that you are looking for a solution that enables you to create, manage and try out various applications, then Kitematic might be the platform to meet your needs and preferences.

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