Quickly generate code files, based on .NET templates and using information from a database Data Model, with this comprehensive tool.

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kiss! Description

kiss! is a comprehensive tool that allows you to create code templates in C# and VB.NET, based on SQL scripts or Data Models. The application enables you to extract information from Database Data Models created in Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL, in order to generate .NET templates.

Friendly Code Generation Manager

kiss! is a .NET Development Code Generation management application, capable of building Object Relational Mapping (ORM) Data Access and Business Logic Layers. It allows you to create various versions for each project, by manually creating solutions and assigning SQL sources to them.

Alternatively, you can use one of the wizard tools in order to build C.R.U.D. or SQLMetal templates in either C# or VB.NET languages. You need to specify the result type you wish to obtain for the Data Access Layer and the Business Logic Layer: dataset or value object results.

Quickly modify solutions and add sources

kiss! features a user-friendly interface, split into three spaces, for resource optimization. Thus, the column on the left displays the tree structure of a solution, while the other two areas list the child nodes and a preview of the selected item.

Once you have created all the required templates, kiss! allows you to modify, move, delete them, as well as to perform specific SQL actions. Thus, the scripts can be concatenated and executed in an SQL Server/MySQL database.

The program supports generating several types of templates, including Business Logic Layer (BLL, BLO), Convert Class, Data Access Layer (DAL, DAO), Domain Objects, Field Enumerations, Manager Objects (MO) or Value Objects (VO).

Quickly create templates in C# and VB.NET

Aside from the common templates, kiss! also allows you to create Web Services (WS) for ASP.NET or WCF and User Defined Templates. You may also insert or modify the file and table manifests to each child node, as well as synchronize the solution version, based on the new changes.

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