KIOSK Enterprise

Run your computer in a limited mode, that restricts user access to various system functions, with this comprehensive piece of software.

  • KIOSK Enterprise
  • Version :2015
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :KUBA – EDV

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KIOSK Enterprise Description

It is often useful for computers that run in a public area or even private ones to have some of their functions disabled. KIOSK Enterprise can help you limit the usability of your PC, so that only certain actions can be performed.

It should be noted that some of the program’s interface is not fully translated into English and the tooltips and instructions are only available in German.

Disable Windows functions, prevent programs from being launched

KIOSK Enterprise allows you to disable various functions and menus, such as the Control Panel, the Windows clock, Taskbar, Folder Options menu, etc.

You can also have certain applications run automatically on startup, as well as prevent specific programs from being launched.

Restrict network access and Internet Explorer functions

You can disable the Internet connection icon from being displayed in the system tray, in order to prevent users from changing network settings.

KIOSK Enterprise also enables you to restrict users from accessing certain Internet Explorer features. It is possible to deny access to the browsing history, prevent the homepage from being changed, disable the settings menu and many others.

Limit keyboard and mouse usability and hide drives

The application makes it possible to apply certain restrictions to mouse and keyboard actions, such as disabling certain keys or key combinations.

For example, you can disable the context menu or Windows keys, as well as the CTRL+ALT+DEL combination, thus preventing users from accessing the Windows Task Manager.

You can select which drives are displayed, making it possible to hide content stored in certain partitions, or prevent users from using disc drives.

All in all, KIOSK Enterprise is a useful tool if you need to restrict user access to various Windows functions and prevent certain actions from being performed. It is not a user friendly application, as it requires substantial computer operating knowledge to run, and the provided instructions are only available in German. The interface is basic and not very well designed, giving the application a rather outdated look.

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