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Access, explore, view and download various topics and videos from the Khan Academy website related to arts, computing, economics and science.

  • Khan Desktop
  • Version : Beta
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Khan Academy

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Khan Desktop Description

Khan Desktop is an educational software application whose purpose is to help you access various types of resources made available to users by Khan Academy, an organization that delivers micro lectures via YouTube videos. It lets you explore several topics and videos from the Khan Academy website, such as Arts and humanities, Computing, Math, Economics and finance, and Science.

Simple looks and supported topics

The tool sports a clean layout that reveals a list with the topics and videos that you have access to.

The content is organized into different categories so you can easily select the preferred one, such as Arts and Humanities (e.g. History, Music, Prehistoric art, Modernism, Medieval Europe, South and East Asia), Coach and classroom resources, and College admissions (e.g. getting started, making high school count, applying to college).

In addition, you may access topics related to Computing (computer programming and cryptography and information theory), Economics and finance (e.g. microeconomics, macroeconomics, finance and capital markets, entrepreneurship), Khan Academy-related talks and interviews, and Math concepts (e.g. algebra, geometry, trigonometry).

Last but not least, the tool lets you check New and noteworthy topics (e.g. the language of advocates, Fermat’s little theorem, transfer pricing and tax havens), Partner content (e.g. The British Museum, Crash Course, Stanford School of Medicine), Science (e.g. biology, physics, chemistry, health and medicine), and Test prep (e.g. SAT, MCAT, AP Art History, GMAT) details.

Playback controls, downloads, and backup options

Khan Desktop gives you the possibility to stop or play the current selection, mute the volume, adjust the volume manually, and seek for a position in the video streams.

The application helps you build up a list with the videos that you want to download, choose the saving directory, check out a history with last viewed videos, as well as back up, restore, merge and repair your viewing history.

Bottom line

All in all, Khan Desktop provides a handy suite of features for helping you access Khan Academy resources right from your desktop, and can be handled by all types of users, regardless of their experience level.

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