Quickly find keywords, suggestions, related questions and find available Web domains, based on your query, with this reliable application.

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KeywordXP Description

KeywordXP is a simple to use tool that allows you to quickly search for keywords, based on powerful online engines. The application can display a large list of keyword suggestions, based on the words you enter, the searching engine and the datacenter of your preference. Each entry can be individually managed.

Display searching suggestions

KeywordXP is a comprehensive tool designed to help you generate increasing traffic on your website. The application can identify various keyword combinations, based on online statistics and search frequency. You may insert the basic keywords, then acquire an entire list of related query subjects.

Not only does the program offer you a comprehensive list of effective keywords, but it allows you to analyze each entry individually and understand them. The results differ based on the online searching engine you wish to use, as well as the afferent datacenter. KeywordXP supports Google, Amazon, Bing, eBay, Ask and YouTube. Moreover, you can enable / disable the drill check option.

Website domain checker

KeywordXP can also help you verify the availability of Web domains, based on the keywords you searched for. Simply select the desired result and click the find the volume, plus the real world traffic, CPC or competition data for it. The program can calculate the general trend of a particular keyword combination.

The domain check can be based on a single result and allows you to verify multiple versions of the same name, with different TLDs. Most common TLDs are supported and you may enable the usage of the hyphen between the words. Alternatively, you can select the domain checker based on brands and specify whether the search relies on adjectives, verbs or nouns.

Finding related questions

After displaying the keywords results, KeywordXP allows you to add the most relevant ones to a separate list. This action can be performed manually and also prompts the generation of a series of questions. Queries such as “How to”, “What”, “When” or “Get” can make your website more accessible to users who require a particular service.

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