A smart trainer for keyboard shortcuts that allows you to learn new keyboard combinations in order to increase your productivity.

  • KeyRocket
  • Version : / Frontier
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Veodin

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KeyRocket Description

KeyRocket is a practical tool for any Microsoft Office user who wants to know more keyboard shortcuts. The program is designed to run in the background and provide you with frequent tips based on your activity.

If you are a computer user and do not use shortcuts you are missing out on a very important feature. The ability to use key combinations to perform the most frequent operations allows you to improve your productivity tenfold.

However, even if you do use shortcuts in your daily activity it is highly unlikely that you know all the ones that are available. This application does not claim to know the combinations for all programs but includes a large list that be applied for Windows and some of the Office components.

In order to display relevant shortcut suggestions, the application can detect the program that you are using. Thus, you can find out how to navigate to the spreadsheet top row only when you are working with Excel.

The program’s purpose is to display the shortcuts that you are not using so it is more likely to receive a suggestion when you use your mouse to activate a function that has a hotkey. These actions are interpreted as “wasted clicks” which are recorded and displayed in the Global Statistics.

Additionally, you can view the number of mastered shortcuts and a separate pie chart for each of the supported programs. These statistics can be used to assess your performance and how much you have learned by reading and applying the suggestions.

You can fine-tune the app’s behaviour by changing the suggestion frequency and display time. By default, the latest notifications are shown in the tray icon menu. However, you can review the entire list and search for a certain key combination from the Shortcut Browser.

KeyRocket is a useful tool for any user that needs to improve their efficiency by using shortcuts.

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