Kaspersky Update Utility (formerly Kaspersky Updater)

Update your Kaspersky program even if your computer is not connected to the Internet with the help of this simple and intuitive application.

  • Kaspersky Update Utility (formerly Kaspersky Updater)
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  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Kaspersky

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Kaspersky Update Utility (formerly Kaspersky Updater) Description

With a self-explanatory name, Kaspersky Update Utility is a streamlined and useful piece of software designed form the ground up to aid you in keeping all your Kaspersky products updated from official sources.

The utility is approachable by both experienced or inexperienced users, since it can be used as any other program thanks to a streamlined interface or in console mode with the help of the Command Prompt.

Addresses the needs of both novice and expert users

If you choose to go for the console mode, simply open Command Prompt, type the utility’s path and press Enter. From this point forward, you should see a list of command line parameters that help you perform basic tasks like starting an actual update, enabling silent mode or creating reports.

By running the software solution in the UI mode, you can update your Kaspersky products even easier. Upon first launching the program, you are met by a pragmatic and compact main window. Before anything, you should select the products that you want to update from the provided list by accessing the “Applications” section.

Compatible with countless Kaspersky products

This is a good time to point out that this utility is compatible with a plethora of Kaspersky products, ranging from the most modern to some that have been discontinued for a while now.

This said, regardless if we are talking about products for home users and small offices or some business-orientated ones like workstations, file servers, mail servers and Internet gateways, Kaspersky Update Utility has everything covered.

Manually or automatically download updates for your Kaspersky apps

Once you know for which apps you want to download updates, you only need to click the Start button and the app automatically scans and downloads all the necessary files. Alternatively, you can rely on its Schedule feature that allows you to program updates for time intervals of minutes, hours, days or weeks.

As expected, you can select the exact location where the databases are downloaded and the paths for the update sources, with just a few mouse clicks within the Settings window.

A must-have utility for Kaspersky apps users

All in all, Kaspersky Update Utility is a powerful tool dedicated to users who own large numbers of Kaspersky products and who want to make sure that all of them are always up to date from under a single roof.

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