Kaspersky Password Manager

A reliable and easy to use application that enables you to secure your digital identity along with information about web and business accounts.

  • Kaspersky Password Manager
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  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Kaspersky

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Kaspersky Password Manager Description

A safe password has many characters and contains digits and letters, as well as various symbols. Kaspersky Password Manager is a tool that was designed to help you remember all these key words.

The program has a simple interface and should be easy to figure out by all users.

Once installed, the app requires that you create a Master Password for the database, which restricts access to the entire program and thus, keeps the data safe. An authorization method must be selected as well by selecting one of the available options, such as “Password protection”, “USB Device”, “Bluetooth device” or “No authorization”, with the latter one being recommended as it puts the data at risk.

A time delay can be selected as well for the program. Thus, after a certain number of minutes when the computer is being inactive, the app automatically locks itself, thus preventing unauthorized access.

Then, the app can install various extensions in order to make the program compatible with the browsers and other apps that you are using.

The program can remember passwords for various apps that are installed on the computer, as well as for various websites that you normally visit and may import the data from the browser. The data is encrypted and kept in a dedicated database on the computer and can be used to automatically log you in.

There is also a password generator that comes packed with this program, enabling you to create unique passwords. These can contain between 8 and 99 characters and respect several rules. For instance, the passwords can include uppercase and lowercase letters, digits and special symbols.

All in all, Kaspersky Password Manager is a nice utility that can be quite useful to have installed on the computer. Inexperienced individuals shouldn’t have anything to worry about regarding this app, thanks to the intuitive layout.

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