Karaoke Filename Fixer

Processes multiple karaoke files in batch mode to rename them in one go and thus keep the same naming conversion in your music collection.

  • Karaoke Filename Fixer
  • Version :1.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Digital 1 Media Inc

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Karaoke Filename Fixer Description

When files are named following different patterns, it becomes difficult to sort them or find a particular file, more so when you are under the pressure of an inpatient karaoke singer.

As its name implies, Karaoke Filename Fixer is designed to help you rename karaoke files in batch to match a single standard. It comes in handy for those who organize karaoke sessions and want their music library to be neatly organized.

Identify naming conventions and apply the same pattern to all the files

In the attempt to make things as simple as possible, Karaoke Filename Fixer deploys a single-window interface with a wizard-like guide to help you carry out the renaming task. In just a few simple steps, you can have your entire karaoke music folder organized and ready to be used in a new singing session.

To begin with, you have to select the folder where your karaoke files are stored. Once a folder is processed, a list of all the files is generated. If your karaoke collection also includes ZIP archives, Karaoke Filename Fixer can process them in the third step. Moving on, the application analyzes all the filenames and separate them by tags.

Tag patterns are identified as you count the tags and, in the next step, a new filename table is generated by combining all the tags. Based on the naming pattern you choose by combining elements such as the song title, the artist, the disc ID, the track number, and the volume, the application can rename all the files in the original directory and save them to the output location.

Follow a well-defined sequence of steps to rename your karaoke files

The step-by-step approach of Karaoke Filename Fixer makes it very easy to use, especially since every stage is accurately described and complete instructions are provided. Thus, you can have the application analyze how karaoke files are named and apply the same pattern to all the files, in batch.

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