Just Color Picker

Pick a color from anywhere on your screen, add it to a bank of colors captured from pictures or programs, then save its code for use in your own work..

  • Just Color Picker
  • Version :4.6
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Anry

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Just Color Picker Description

Just Color Picker is a tiny tool that allows you to use a color picker in any software environment. It can be handled with ease by less experienced individuals.

This is a portable app, so installing Just Color Picker is not necessary. It means that you can store the program on a USB flash drive or any other removable device, save it to any computer, and directly run its executable file.

Thus, you can carry Just Color Picker with you when you’re on the move. What’s more important is the fact that no leftover items can be found on the hard drive or in the Windows Registry after removing the application.

Just Color Picker comes with a user-friendly interface. So, you can use the mouse cursor to locate a color, view it enhanced in the app’s frame, and use a keyboard shortcut to save the respective color. It’s possible to store to the list as many colors as you want.

You can find out the color’s code for HTML, RGB, RBG [0,1], HEX, HSB/HSV, HSL, or HSL (Win), and copy its value to the Clipboard. Plus, you can view contrasting or similar colors, as well as adjust the RGB or HSV values.

In addition, you can change the zoom mode, font, color sample area and default keyboard shortcut, make Just Color Picker stay on top of other programs, switch to a different language for the interface, and save the codes of all colors to a plain text document.

The program uses a low amount of system resources, has a good response time and contains user documentation. Just Color Picker did not cause the operating system to freeze, crash or pop up error dialogs during our tests.  Firs-time users can quickly find out how to work with this app, thanks to its intuitive layout.

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