The Java implementation of Ruby programming language that developers can use in their projects to create and test bits of code for their apps.

  • JRuby
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  • License :GPL
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:The JRuby Team

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JRuby Description

JRuby is a cross-platform software solution created as a Java implementation for Ruby, a popular programming language, featuring the majority of its Standard Libraries, as well as the same syntax and classes.

For the Windows operating system, an installer exists which is capable of performing the entire setup operating with minimal intervention on the part of the user. At the same time, the source code is available so that anyone can build their own version of JRuby.

The configuration of this software is preserved in a JRUBYRC format file, storing sets of key/values (property name and the value passed on the command line). A dedicated document provides users with detailed information on it, so they can easily customize to suit their preferences.

Moreover, users can run Ruby-based programs, as well as execute scripts with JRuby. Despite providing users with an extremely extensive documentation, particularly online, it still requires users to have at least some basic knowledge of this programming language and some command line skills, as it is not precisely aimed at novices, and it does not come with a graphical user interface.

Thanks to the fact that JRuby is based on Java, it supports integration with numerous other such languages, but this may depend on the language that users intend to work with. However, these can provide extended functionality and help users script Java from JRuby, generate Java classes, or work with Maven libraries.

Troubleshooting information enables users to optimize the memory consumption on the host system while also featuring various instructions for ameliorating its startup time.

System requirements

  • Java

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