A photo management tool that features advanced search options, allowing you to easily add tag information to your pictures and quickly find them.

  • JPhotoTagger
  • Version :0.34.6
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Elmar Baumann

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JPhotoTagger Description

Working with large collections of images oftentimes requires the use of a photo manager that can help reaching a specific item based on certain data attached to it.

Familiar, easy to use interface

JPhotoTagger, a Java-based photo manager could fit the bill both in terms of functionality and usability as it addresses both beginners and more experienced users that require sorting the items based on specific technical information.

At a first look the layout may appear overwhelming but clicking your way through the menus and sorting options reveals the logic of each tab and option without too much effort.

Navigating to an image folder is the first step in discovering all the functions of the application. This allows filtering out the unnecessary items, grouping pictures into albums, viewing those that share the same keywords or technical info.

Rich file type support and metadata

Apart from the regular image types the program also has the ability to display RAW images, which are rich in technical details from the model of the camera used to take them to focal length, lens or ISO value

Various other bits of information such as location, copyright, country, name of the photographer or rating can also help bring into view photos sharing the same tags. These details can be added by the user easily, although this may turn into a very time consuming task.

The developer made every effort to make the program as flexible as possible and added the possibility to import XMP (Extensible Metadata Platform) and IPTC metadata, although the former supersedes the latter.


JPhotoTagger is an impressive piece of software that can turn into a valuable asset for photography aficionados. Besides organizing the pics into albums it provides advanced search options and the means to attach new info to them.

Because of extensive configuration options it takes a while to learn all the ropes but it there is also a portable revision that can be carried on a removable drive so that all settings remain the same regardless of the machine it is used on.

Resource usage may be a bit high but there is the possibility to set a top limit with the desktop version.

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