This Java-based SIP VoIP SoftPhone is a cross-platform tool that permits high quality calls, audio conferences, hold and video feed.

  • jPhoneLite
  • Version: 1.12
  • License :LGPL
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Peter Quiring

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jPhoneLite Description

jPhoneLite is a simple, lightweight and useful tool, built entirely with the help of Java, which allows you to make VoIP calls. It acts as an SIP VoIP SoftPhone utility, which allows you to make high-quality calls and supports even conferences and video feed, if available.

Make several simultaneous calls

jPhoneLite is easy to configure and allows you to make VoIP calls straight from your Desktop. The tool supports several telephony options, such as transfer calls, put users on hold or open several lines at the same time. It is suitable for cases when you wish to organize VoIP conferences with up to six different stations at the same time.

Several codecs can be used, namely G711 U/A, G722, G729A and the program also allows you to make video calls. H263, H264 and VP8 encoding methods are supported, to ensure high-quality video feed. You can modify the volume of the input/output audio stream even during the conversation.

Quick call configuration

jPhoneLite allows you to create several call profiles, by specifying the name, telephone number and IP address. You can enable the available monitor, a function that can tell you if the user is online or not.

The program allows you to add as many users to the contact list as you wish, but during a conference, you can only call up to five numbers. Moreover, you can make blind-transfers or non-blind-transfers, using the XFR function and entering the desired number.

Make security calls

jPhoneLite allows you to perform encrypted calls and transfer data in a secure environment. The program features Java support and allows you to use STUN/TURN/ICE protocols. Moreover, the SRTP encryption method is available for media transfers and DTLS key encryption for other exchanges. The tool displays a call history, indicating the most recently accessed profiles.

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