JPG PNG Resizer

Rescale and reduce the file size of your JPG and PNG files by using this straightforward application that supports processing multiple images in one go.

  • JPG PNG Resizer
  • Version :1.01
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Skyshape Software

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JPG PNG Resizer Description

When it comes to uploading files online or sending them as email attachments, there is usually a filesize limit you must abide by, otherwise your actions are not successful. JPG PNG Resizer is one of the applications you can rely on to reduce your files’ sizes with ease.

User-friendly and intuitive interface

The utility comes with a clean GUI (graphic user interface), and you need to start by adding the JPG and PNG files you want to process to a list.

You can browse to their location manually or you can drag and drop the images onto the main window if you want to save time. Additionally, you can add the contents of an entire folder by turning to the dedicated function.

Since all the features are neatly organized, the app can be used by novices and experts alike, without any difficulty.

Modify width and height as you see fit

To make sure that the output files match your expectations, you need to alter the resizing parameters with care. For instance, you can keep the original dimensions of the image and just compress the filesize, yet you this method will not generate the smallest files possible.

Alternatively, you can reduce the width and height to a percentage of the original values, or you can assign a particular value to the largest or the smallest side.

Since you can preview the estimated size of the processed files, you can easily decide which of these methods works best for you.

Alter the JPG quality of the output file

Before applying all the changes, you can adjust the JPG quality to your liking – this way, you can decide if you prefer a larger file with superior quality or a smaller file with decreased image quality.

Considering the application does not offer you any means to convert all the source files to a chosen format, you cannot alter the quality of your files unless they are JPG.

All in all, JPG PNG Resizer is a straightforward software solution that can help you batch process image files and reduce their filesize within seconds.

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