Joy To Mouse Free

A lightweight application designed to help those who are unable to use a mouse properly by transforming a joystick or joypad into one.

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Joy To Mouse Free Description

Joy To Mouse Free is a lightweight utility that you can use to transform your joystick or joypad and offer it mouse functionality.

The application enables you to use the aforementioned devices in order to move the mouse cursor on your computer screen. Joy To Mouse is designed especially for those who are having difficulties using a mouse do to certain physical disabilities.

Using the application, a disabled person can move the mouse cursor on the screen and have the click functions transferred to the device. The sensitivity of both the clicks and the pointer speed can be customized in order to perfectly fit the needs of the user.

Joy To Mouse is easy to configure as all of its options are made available in a single window. Apart from pointer speed and click functions, you can also toggle cursor acceleration and to have the application start at the same time with your Windows operating system.

NOTE: To be able to use the application, the joystick or joypad needs to be recognized and installed on the computer.

System requirements

  • Joystick or joypad

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