Model SQL statements as serializable objects, generating classes from the database schema, with the help of this complex library.

  • jOOQ
  • Version : 3.9.4
  • License :Apache License 2.0
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Lukas Eder

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jOOQ Description

jOOQ is a comprehensive library aimed to assist users in building SQL statements, initially aimed to abstract JDBC and other types of interaction. The software is meant to improve working with information in databases, targeting several drawbacks of SQL and attempting to remedy them.

As such, jOOQ offers users the possibility using typesafe database object referencing and typesafe SQL building. Moreover, it features query execution with improved results, an SQL dialect abstraction and clause emulation function that serves in ameliorating compatibility between databases.

It can even serve in logging and debugging tasks, particularly handy in development operations. In addition, being an open source utility, the community has also found new ways of jOOQ, such as resorting to Hibernate for the majority of queries, relying on jOOQ for SQL building or using it as the basis for dynamic SQL execution.

What is different about jOOQ’s approach to SQL consists of the fact that it offers a typesafe environment for running queries. It enables users to return to the return to the classical technology provided by SQL.

The library is compatible with a wide array of databases, including, but not limited to DB2, Derby, Ingres, H2, HSQLDB, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres, SQLite, SQL Server and Sybase.

What is more, it comes with extensive documentation on how to set it up with various servers that users might be working with, providing step by step instructions for some of them. Evidently, prior experience and understanding it necessary, but the manual provided with jOOQ can help fill in any blanks, all the while entailing a minimal level of effort.

System requirements

  • Java

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