An instant messenger client that offers support for text, audio and video based communication along with a wide range of helpful features.

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Jitsi Description

Jitsi is an application designed to offer you a simple and fun way in which you can keep in touch with the people in your life.

It offers you chat, video and audio communication, all of which are possible through a comprehensive and good looking graphic interface. It supports protocols like XMPP, Jabber, SIP, AIM/ICQ, Yahoo, Windows Live and others.

As is characteristic to nearly all IM applications, Jitsi offers you a main window that contains your contacts list from where you can perform various tasks. You can change your status, call a friend or send a file. Everything about the application is straightforward and user-friendly.

Contacts can be placed into custom groups, renamed and relocated at any time. You can edit their info and start a secure chat with them. With Jitsi its possible to make audio and video calls, perform desktop streaming, make audio conference calls and record them, as well as encrypt all your calls.

It proves itself to be a reliable means of communication for all kinds of environments, home, school and even business.

The level of security that Jitsi offers is one you should not overlook. It provides encrypted password storage, call authentification, call encryption and DNSSEC support.

As far as instant messaging goes, Jitsi offers you a lot of functions from the chat window. You can invite more people to join in, call a certain contact, initiate a video call, send a file, start secure chatting and of course insert various types of emoticons.

In case you are busy or away from the computer, Jitsi provides auto answer and call forwarding to any other accounts that are added to the application.

In closing, if you’re looking for an environment that brings together all the major chatting platforms then you can try Jitsi.

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